Semalt Expert Explains What Buttons For Website Referrer Spam Is is a famous website that shows on the referrals list of the Google Analytics accounts, despite that it doesn't actually send you traffic. You might see some visits, all of them have 100% bounce rate and zero seconds spent on your website. Buttons for website is one of those sites that engage users in referrer spam in one way or the other. The idea is to improve the ranking of its own websites by providing your site with malicious traffic and lots of low-quality visits. The spammers and hackers hope that they will generate revenues with this trick, and publishes the list of its best referrers to trick the users on the internet. If an SEO company is involved in spamming and promises to boost your traffic within days, it might be involved in some black hat SEO techniques and will justify its fees to the customers.

If you own a site and keep an eye on the Google Analytics account, the chances are that your site is receiving hits from It is not a legitimate source of traffic and should be gotten rid of as soon as possible.

Try the following practical hints from an expert of Semalt, Jack Miller.

Darodar Referrer Spam:

Let me here tell you that is directly associated with Darodar. The chances are that you have had hired someone from Darodar and it started appearing in the referrer stats. Buttons-for-website will do the same thing with your site, and referrer spam appearing in the Google Analytics account will pretend to be legitimate. If you click on it, you will see a lot of visits coming to your site. The referrer is not a real person but a bot pretending to be a human being. He wants you to visit his site every day so that he can generate some revenues.

Referrer Spam is not just an Annoyance:

Its safe to mention that referrer spam is often considered as a minor annoyance, but it's not so because this can mess up your Google Analytics data and can skew its results to an extent. Thus, it plays a significant role in destroying your site's ranking and increases your bounce rate. When Darodar began its spam campaigns, the customers reported that their websites were being hit thousands of times per day. Sometimes their sites received dozens of hits every minute, which is quite non-natural. It was causing various performance issues on the sites they were targeting, causing the sites to be unavailable throughout the day. Moreover, it caused the response time to drop to a great extent.

How to block referrer spam?

If you receive referrer spam to your site, it's time to block it before your business is destroyed completely. Fortunately, there are some ways to prevent referrer spam, such as editing the .htaccess file and using a WordPress plugin.

Edit your .htaccess file:

You should edit the .htaccess file only when there is no other option. This file is present in your web servers and can be used for different purposes. If you don't know anything about how to edit it, the best option is to talk to your hosting company representatives, and they will edit it for you.

The WordPress plugin:

If you have built your site on WordPress, you can get benefited from a few plugins that help block the referrer spam. Wordfence is one of the best plugins. It is free to use and is very useful. It has a lot of options and features to get benefited from. To prevent referrer spam, you should go to the Advanced Blocking option and say goodbye to the referrer spam for a lifetime.

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